About the Chef

Chef and owner Kate Baldwin’s lifelong passion for food and a delicious lifestyle find full expression in Kate Baldwin Catering. Prior to starting catering in the Berkshires nearly 15 years ago, she graduated with a BA from Trinity College as well as from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, and gained years of experience working in Boston area restaurants and in recipe development.

What started as a home-based business has blossomed into a full-service venture with a loyal following. The hands-on approach and culinary expertise she brings to each event, along with the keen and witty help of her dear friend Cathie, sister Amy and stellar wait captain Janice (to name a few), ensures that every morsel of food is delicious and that every detail of each event is managed flawlessly. Her team’s alluring presentations as well as attentive, professional service are also among the trademarks of her business.

She actively supports local growers and producers and purchases as many fresh, local and seasonal ingredients as she can get her hands on. Focusing on items produced and procured locally not only supports the local economy, it also inspires distinctive menus that change according to seasonal availability.

As a long-time volunteer at St. Stephen’s Table, she has been able to parlay her surplus food into meals to reduce hunger and waste in the Berkshires.

She adores flipping pancakes for her two kids Nigel (13) and Tessa (6), and procuring martinis from her husband Art (not at the same time). She loves the smell of toasted marshmallows and tomato plants (not at the same time), gardening, bad television, photography and, well, cooking.